What is the correct method of licensing PDF-eXPLODE as I have not been successful?


I informed 3000AD Systems that I need to reactivate the license as the old PC has been retired from service. I was promptly informed that the license was reactivated and ready to relicense.  I have installed the correct version PDF-eXPLODE (v4 /64 Bit) to match my Windows architecture.  I then opened  PDF-eXPLODE and I get the evaluation screen.  I select Activate On Line  and once I get the License entry screen,  I enter the License ID and password. I get a "success" message but the evaluation screen does not disappear. Any further attempt to relicense gives me an error message that says "The license has been used previously". What am I doing wrong with Licensing?



Please ensure you follow these licensing instructions EXACTLY so that you do not have any issues.  

  1. Make sure using Task Manager /Processes tab that there is no open instance of PDF-eXPLODE.exe*32 in memory. If so – kill it using the End Process
  2. Right click on the PDF-eXPLODE.EXE in the installed folder




  1. Select Run As Administrator from the popup menu
  2. Once the evaluation screen appears – only then you will select option 2 – Activate on line – ensure you are connected to the internet and NOT a proxy server connection as we are unable to license across a proxy server connection
  3. Enter the License ID and password above and click OK
  4. When you get the “success” message, click OK and ensure that the Evaluation screen disappears immediately
  5. Close PDF-eXPLODE and restart under the USER LOGIN to verify the Evaluation screen does not appear.




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