Can I combine 2 different reports into one exploded PDF and one email?


 I have two different reports which usually are run separately and emailed to the recipients of the reports. The recipient of both reports are the same Clients. Instead of receiving two emails with attachments, I would like to combine the reports into one exploded file and emailed to each Client as one run. Can this be achieved with PDF-eXPLODE?



This solution cannot be achieved as one run because the reports are totally independent of each other and need to be run to produce the exploded PDF output. If you need to achieve this as one run, you may be able to make one report a "sub-report" of the other in your report writer. Then the report run would  consist of one process run. You must however, have a tag which is the same in both the main report and the  sub-report. Then the pages from both the report and sub-report will be combined into one exploded PDF and sent as one email in one run.

However, if you are unable to adjust your reports, it may be easier to consider this work around in PDF-eXPLODE. There are two possible solutions in PDF-eXPLODE one of which can be scheduled so the report running will not require any User involvement and will be as near as automated as possible and appear to the email recipient User as "one" run. The end result will be one exploded PDF and one email.

The suggested solution 2 only applies to PDF-eXPLODE V4.0.16.97 or later. If you have a current Support plan as well as  Version 4, and you want to implement this solution, you will need to write to requesting a download link for V4.0.16.97.


Suggested Solution 1: (applies to V 3 onwards)



Suggested Solution 2: (only applies to V Dec 2014 or later)





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