I can’t seem to insert a PDF Coversheet into the front or back of my exploded secured Paystub PDF.


I have configured my Paystubs message ID to be secured as part of the processing. I have added  a Coversheet to be inserted into the front of the exploded, secured PDF as part of the message ID configuration, before it is sent by email to the employees. No matter what I do, the Coversheet is not inserted and in fact my Coversheet is the lone attachment to the email. No secured exploded file is found in the email. What am I doing wrong?

 [Note: In some countries 'Paystubs' are referred to as 'Payslips']


PDF-eXPLODE is currently unable (Version 3 and 4) to insert a message ID Coversheet into a secured exploded PDF. You can however, have the Coversheet sent with the email  as as 'Separate'. The exploded PDF is secured first and the process inserting the Coversheet (after the PDF encryption process) is unaware of the password to open and insert the Coversheet  into the exploded PDF. For this reason the process fails. When it fails, the program has memory issues and consequently the exploded file is not sent with the email. If you look at the processing log (PDF-eXPLODE.log) you will see a mention that PDF-eXPLODE failed to insert the Coversheet as a result of the password.

To work around this problem, you can do the following - assuming the Coversheet will be distributed to each and every employee in the batch run.


Note: As the General Settings is a global setting, it will repeat for each and every run regardless of message ID. It is important to turn off the global coversheet if it does not apply to any particular run. 

Tip: if you also wanted an additional Coversheet as a 'Separate', then set that one up in the message ID and you will end up with a secure exploded PDF with a Coversheet in-front as well as an additional Coversheet attached separately to the email.







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