Can you give me some File and Folder naming guidelines for Windows?

 Characters to avoid in File names

When you create files in Windows based PDF-eXPLODE, your PDF files could be viewed by numerous users who use an operating systems like Mac and Linux besides Windows and devices like (iPads, tablets, and smartphones for example). Therefore, it is essential to play it safe and avoid common illegal file name characters.

In our upcoming version 5, you will also be able to create web folders and upload files into them.


Naming conventions are important in web folders as well as for downloadable files such as PDFs, Word documents, and Excel spreadsheets which may form additional email or web upload attachments (using the ‘Coversheets’ feature of PDF-eXPLODE V3 and V4)


Do not use any of these common illegal characters/symbols: 

# pound or hash

< left angle bracket

$ dollar sign

+ plus sign

% percent

> right angle bracket

! exclamation point

` back quote

& ampersand

* asterisk

‘ single quotes

| pipe

{ left bracket

? question mark

“ double quotes

= equal sign

} right bracket

/ forward slash

: colon


\ back slash

blank spaces

@ at sign



Also, keep these rules in mind.


Bad file names for FTP uploaded files:


Web Browsers will convert the file names to:

 where %20 is a ‘space’ , &amp; is ‘&’ and %23 is the character ‘#’ in HTML


Good filenames:

 use of lower case file names with no spaces is recommended with web file uploads



The following rule must be borne in mind when deciding on which character can and can't be used in the PDF-eXPLODE tag

Tag text cannot contain any Windows illegal characters like


PDF-eXPLODE Tag Variables or the MessageID text cannot contain these reserved characters:








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