PDF-eXPLODE Print Server appears to hang when a User’s print output arrives on the server for processing


PDF-eXPLODE allows a single processing instance. It is possible that 2 instances of the PDF-eXPLODE.EXE exists in the Task Manager and one is causing the other to stall.  OR

The ‘Privilege Level’ in the Win 7/Win 2008 or Win 2003 has not been set up or is incorrectly set up. When a User prints a report on their workstation to the PDFeXPLODE printer, the print output is sent to the server for PDF-eXPLODE processing on the server. Once received, it appears to freeze and is never processed. What can be done?  [Applies to PDF-eXPLODE Server versions only]


If there is more than one instance of PDF-eXPLODE in Task Manager, open Task Manager and close both/all  PDF-eXPLODE EXE's.  If there is a job in the print queue, that will restart once you double click and reopen PDF-eXPLODE.


Win 7 / Win 200 8

Win XP / Win 2003

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