I am getting a "Run time error 70 - permission denied"


I am getting a "Run time error 70 - permission denied".. This seems to happen each time I am either about to create a PDF or the program says "Processing Client documents"


  1. You may not have permissions to write to the PDF creation directory.  Furthermore, it would be advisable to configure the folder as a local drive letter (e.g.: to the C drive)  rather than to a UNC network drive.  OR
  2. You may have a PDF file open that PDF-eXPLODE is trying to write to. Close PDF files and try again.  OR
  3. You may have entered an exploded File Name on the Mail Settings screen and selected Suppress Date and Time on the General Settings. Thus every exploded file will have the same name. Remove the exploded File Name and PDF-eXPLODE will name the file with the email address by default.


The most common problem of this permission 70 error, especially when files (master PDF or exploded PDFs) are created, is the insufficient permissions to create or modify files in the folder(s). In Win Files and Folder explorer you right click on the folder name and select Properties . The following properties screen appears. Then select the Security tab and ensure the Users group has Full Control in the Allow permissions column. You can change the permissions by clicking EDIT button and then select Users in GROUP and check the ALLOW column for FULL CONTROL. The permissions will cascade to all sub-folders.

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