I cannot figure out why my exploded document won’t email


I have a Word document with several pages to be exploded and emailed. However despite creating the Master PDf and the correct number of exploded PDFs, it does not email. My 'Test Connection' button works. So what is the issue?


The first thing to do is to have a look at the PDF-eXPLODE.log file found in the either of these locations:

                          [Win 7/Vista]    C:\USERS\%USER\APPDATA\ROAMING\PDF-EXPLODE\LOGS

Server Versions:   [Win 2003/2008]:  C:\PROGRAM FILES\PDF-EXPLODE\LOGS\%USER           32 BIT
                                                     C:\PROGRAM FILES(X86)\PDF-EXPLODE\LOGS\%USER     64  BIT  

where %USER = Your Login ID

The log will show the location of the Master PDF created, and number of expected exploded PDF files. It will show the tag for each exploded page as the tag is made into a temporary exploded PDF file with the file name of  TAG + _expl.pdf.  Verify if the tag text looks correct to you. It is possible that the complete tag text is completely jumbled up and the email address could be truncated (i.e. cut)  such that it is incomplete or the email address does NOT appear at the very end of the tag. If the tag is jumbled or spread out with a lot of spaces in between text, then PDF-eXPLODE will not be able to identify the email address correctly nor apply the rules required when archiving the exploded PDF file. This explains why no email was sent.  However, you need to determine why the tag (displayed correctly in the document) was jumbled or truncated or contained a lot of spaces in between tag text. 

The reason for the incorrect exploded tag text is one of the following:

  1. You used a font pitch size less than 7 pitch  (this is the minimum). Increase the font pitch to minimum 7 pitch and retry the process.
  2. Your text is too close to other document text and graphic(s) which may "overshadow the Tag text and cause overlapping - sometimes this is not visible at normal 100% magnification. Also ensure at least one line space between the Tag and other text or graphics in the document.
  3. Your print driver 'Printing Preferences' requires configuring as follows:



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