Can I have one Global PDF-eXPLODE configuration that will work for all Users?


In all versions of PDF-eXPLODE (Desktop /Print,Terminal or Report Server), when a User opens up PDF-eXPLODE for the first time, PDF-eXPLODE creates a User specific configuration ("pdfexplode.ini"). It will use this configuration when this User prints a document or report to the PDF-eXPLODE Printer. If multiple Users log-in to the PC, then exploded PDFs created by each run of PDF-eXPLODE could be archived in different locations depending on each User's settings. In the case of network Server versions (and some cases of Desktop processing), this (having archived exploded PDFs spread over multiple folders) is not ideal from a control point of view. How can this be controlled?


PDF-eXPLODE includes the capability to optionally control multiple configuration by use of one global configuration (referred to as "Administrator") instead of multiple User configured pdf-explode.ini files. Currently in V2 and V3 the location of INIs is as follows:

WIN 7/2003/2008: 

The 'Administrator' INI is located in one of these folder location. To create a Global configuration on your server, follow the steps: 

  1. Create an Administrator configuration with all the required settings by logging into the network as Administrator and starting PDF-eXPLODE. 
  2. Select Options from the Printer menu
  3. Now complete the configuration over the different menu tree options.
  4. Save the PDFeXPLODE.ini and verify that the file is saved under the appropriate 'Administrator' sub-folder
  5. Open the registry for editing using the START button and command 'regedit.exe'
  6. Access the following path 
and the Key Value: UseAdminINI.
Set this Value to Y if you wish to have one global configuration (being 'Administrator') or for individual User configurations to be used whilst processing.

When processing, PDF-eXPLODE will read the registry setting and use either the Administrator or the logged in User INI for processing the current file depending on UseAdminINI value of Y or N
TurnAdminINI_On configures PDF-eXPLODE so that all users who print to PDFeXPLODE use the Administrator’s settings when processing. Each User who logins into the Server and starts PDF-eXPLODE from the shortcut on the Server desktop will not be able to see this configuration -  It has nothing to do with the login. 

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