Error 0 shows in the Log when sending emails via MS Outlook


All emails via MS Outlook (MAPI configuration instead of SMTP) are not sent and an Error 0 appears in the log. What does this error relate to?


MS Outlook does not necessarily communicate much information back to PDF-eXPLODE when errors occur sending a PDF-eXPLODE email. However  Error 0 returned by MS Outlook, is consistent with a missing email attachments.  This generally relates to an invalid path to a Cover sheet attachment or the User's lack of permissions to access that file path from any program. Users may find they can access the path manually; however when this access is initiated from program code, the level of permission required can be elevated by Windows.  

If the path to the coversheet saved in the PDF-eXPLODE options is not invalid, then the problem will almost surely be related to lack of User permissions.  Get the IT Administrator to ensure that the folder path has either 'Full Control' or 'Modify and Write' permissions set in the Security tab of the folder properties.  See the dark colored check marks in the graphic below.

To determine the problem folder path, check if the document tag includes a Message ID (any word with a '#' following it is the Message ID).  Now open the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen and check the  Exploded File Path  for the relevant Message ID. If no Message ID exists in the tag, verify that the path in the Mail Settings  Exploded File Path  and the  Default Document Path  in General settings have the appropriate security properties.

Besides the above, you must check if (applies to Win Vista/7 or later) User Account Control (aka UAC) is turned off. If UAC is turned off and the PDF-eXPLODE.EXE is set to 'Run As Administrator', that could effectively cause the file blocking. Turn off the Run As Administrator   option.

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