In a PDF-eXPLODE processing batch I would like to have a different email Message or exploded path for some of the email recipients


I have a tag in my report which just shows the email address. My General Settings configuration is 'Explode and Email to all tag email addresses'. All of the clients currently receive the same email message shown under Mail Settings. However, I need to send a different email message to some email recipients as well as save the exploded PDFs to a different path. Is this possible in PDF-eXPLODE?


Absolutely! PDF-eXPLODE has many untapped features. We will now show you how to create exceptions to the standard Message and archived Exploded path within a processing batch. To do this you need to set up a  "Client ID" with the  exact email address  which will appear in the document tag. Then in this Client ID, create the message /subject /exploded path or any available rules for this Client ID. Then  Apply.   



The above screen displays a CLIENT ID  ('')   exception that has been set up with a different email message to be sent any time PDF-eXPLODE processes and sends emails. The above Client ID is an exception to any email message/subject in Mail Settings. If you used a Message ID in front of the Client email address in the tag, then it will be necessary to create a similar Message ID under the Client ID so that it will be an exception to the email message & subject of the message ID.
When the document or report is "printed" to the PDF-eXPLODE printer at run-time, PDF-eXPLODE (at the time of sending emails) will attempt to match every email address found in the tag to a predefined Client ID, if one exists. If a match is found, that recipient will receive a different email message corresponding to the set up for that Client ID.
For example:
A tag like this will execute the email message & subject for Client ID '' instead of the Mail Settings email message & subject configuration
<pdfexplode> 123456A, Brown & Associates% </pdfexplode>
A  tag as below, will execute the email message & subject for Client ID+Message ID  '' instead of the 'Invoices' Message ID email message & subject configuration
<pdfexplode> 123456A, Brown & Associates% Invoices# </pdfexplode>


 To create a different Exploded Path  for this Client, select the Exploded File tab and enter the Exploded path. Click Apply Client button to save.


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