My Licensed PDF-eXPLODE install has suddenly turned back to Evaluation (’Demo’) mode - why?


My PDF-eXPLODE program, which was installed over two year ago, suddenly came up with the evaluation screen this morning. I thought the license was a permanent license. I have not moved the license to another PC.  Why did my install revert to demo mode?



The license you purchased is a perpetual license and can be moved from PC to PC (due to PC retirement) over its life. The licensing system is a high level complex system licensed from a 3 rd party.  As such, its internal method is not like most other software licensing. The license is covered by a “copy protection”  and this means that if the program senses a copy protection violation perpetrated on the license file (pdfexplode.lf) , it will turn back to “demo” thereby requiring the user to revert to 3000AD Systems for License assistance. The problem is that the computer fingerprint in the license file (pdfexplode.lf found in the install root folder ( C:\PDF-EXPLODE)) doesn't match the current computer running the software. This scenario generally occurs if:



The fingerprint can also potentially change due to driver or Operating System (Windows) changes, as this can change how hardware is identified. It can be hard to identify what specifically changed within the PC in question  – suffice to say, the license is perpetual and  will now need to be reactivated so that the LF file can re-adjust to any new hardware or Windows changes.


To rectify and relicense, please follow these instructions.




  1. Make sure using Task Manager /Processes tab that there is no open instance of PDF-eXPLODE.exe*32 in memory. If so – kill it using the End Process
  2. Right click on the PDF-eXPLODE.EXE in the installed folder ****DO NOT DO THIS ON THE DESKTOP SHORTCUT**  


  1. Select Run As Administrator from the popup menu ***THIS IS COMPULSORY***
  2. Once the evaluation screen appears, then select option 2 – Activate on line – ensure you are connected to the internet. If connected to a proxy server,click the Proxy  button and compete the screen that opens. Generally we are not able to license across a proxy server connection
  3. Enter the License ID and password above and click OK
  4. When you get the “success” message, click OK and ensure that the Evaluation screen disappears immediately
  5. Close PDF-eXPLODE and restart PDFeXPLODE to verify the Evaluation screen does not appear.


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