Each time I send an email in PDF-eXPLODE using MS Outlook MAPI, I get a warning message from Outlook and the program is interrupted and paused waiting for my input.


 In PDF-eXPLODE, I use MS Outlook MAPI connection as my emailing solution. However I have found since our MS Office upgrade, each time an email message is delivered by PDF-eXPLODE to Outlook for emailing, a warning message interrupts the sending process with this message box: 


I have to click 'Allow' for the process to send the email. What is disturbing is that the message appears for each of my 250 outgoing emails. How do I get rid of this interruption and send without any interruptions, as used to happen?



Under all versions of MS Outlook since Outlook 2007 onwards, there is a default configuration which automatically displays this message if MS Outlook is not configured to recognize your antivirus software. The required settings appear here:

  1. In MS Outlook, select FILE/OPTIONS menu 
  2. From the Outlook Options screen, click on TRUST CENTER   and then click on the button:  Trust Center Settings
  3. Now select the PROGRAMMATIC ACCESS
  4. Once the appropriate screen appears, check if the Antivirus Statu s shows as VALID

If this configuration item displays : Antivirus Status: Valid , you will not get any security prompts.    

The greyed out settings above the Antivirus Status determine whether or not a prompt will be shown. The default setting is: Warn me about suspicious activity when my antivirus software is inactive or out-of-date (recommended).  This means if the Antivirus status is 'Invalid'  , a message will be displayed each time the MS Outlook account is accessed from any program application.

Security prompts are only triggered when your antivirus status is reported as “Invalid”.   

The other 2 options either always show or never show security prompts regardless of the antivirus status.   

If the settings are greyed out, you can only change them when you start Outlook with administrator privileges. To start Outlook with Administrator privileges, right click on the Outlook shortcut button in Taskbar  while holding down the SHIFT key and   ensure that Outlook is closed. You should get a popup context menu with a Run As Administrator option. Select that option and proceed to the Trust Center Settings screen.


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