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What do our Customers think of PDF-eXPLODE Support?

Published on: Thu, Apr 21, 2016 at 4:50 PM | Viewed: 1485 times.

How good is PDF-eXPLODE Support?


The best way to gauge this is to read some of the feedback...


Joseph Tronilo,   NY, USA - “What a GREAT "add on" to our data mining app. PDF-eXPLODE has really allowed us to use our data and generate report outputs that were previously un-imagined AND customer service is top notch- 5 Stars all the way.”

  Andy Hopkins ,  CA, USA: "Can’t say enough positives about the product, company and particularly Mark Fonseca – simply put – a perfect 10! "

Stephen Brayshaw , WA, AUSTRALIA: "Fantastic product, only good things to say about PDF-eXPLODE, easy to install, easy to use, it will save you money and it will save you time"

Jeremy Green , OK, USA: "Just got off a webinar, Mark and PDF-eXPLODE are awesome. Solved all of our invoicing problems. So Easy, thank you Mark!"

Barbara Blanton ,   CA, USA: "Technical support is unprecedented. Couldn’t get my files to explode post-install, and don’t know anything about technology. Contacted tech support via eMail on one evening and again early the next morning. Just from sending a simple screen shot of my error messages (because I was unable to competently explain much beyond that), I received responses within minutes of each request. Problem was solved in a matter of minutes. Thank you Mark Fonseca!"

Connie Staley , WA, USA: "I love PDF-eXPLODE - it is a great product for a great price, and the gravy on the kibbles is that they have excellent customer service. It isn’t unusual to get a phone call, or a reply to an e-mail within a few hours any time I’ve had a problem. (Two problems in 5 years!) The problems that I have had were not the program, but random things that happen that Mark then has to fix. Money well spent any way you look at it! "

Andy Quan , CA, USA: "Absolutely the best software. Saved our company over $1000 in expensive software that could do only half the job PDF-Explode could deliver. We have been running this software, installing on 5+ computers, for over 5 years and have not ran into any issue so far. Tech support is awesome. Mark is super fast in getting back to me with issues. 5 Stars"

Angela Meharg , ON, CANADA: "PDF-Explode has been brilliant for my customers. Exploding commission reports right to email saves them hours every month! Love you PDF-eXPLODE!"

Denise Ordoyn e , USA: "Best support ever. Mark is always so knowledgeable & helpful! Great product!"

Kris Hart , SC, USA  "It’s simply a NO BRAINER if you are looking for a way to automate the sending of electronic documents. It’s very fast, support is great, and the cost of the product pays for itself very quickly. Try it, you will love it!"

Eugene Hoe Keng Ann , KL, MALAYSIA "Highly appreciated from your end to provide excellent support to us and Timberline team"
Kwaedza Mwendamberi , ZIMBABWE   "I have used several applications and PDF-eXPLODE has proved to be one of the most ideal tools and easy to use application. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) person I have enjoyed using it and its flexibility, and also business users have adopted to use it with ease"
and the list goes on... .
What is our Annual Priority Support Plan?

Priority Support is paid-for-support renewable on an annual basis . It can be purchased at any time. Priority Support, purchased along with a new product or upgrade, will commence at the conclusion of the Startup Period and will be provided as long as Priority Support has been purchased for all current licenses.

Priority Support is defined as:



  • License activation reset for the purpose of re-imaging the disk on which PDF-eXPLODE was installed or moving the license to a different PC
  • Providing a download link for the current or previously purchased versions of the PDF-eXPLODE setup program
  • Customer database lookup/update of contact information, license ID and password
  • Re-send a copy of an invoice


  • Help installing, configuring and validating proper operation of PDF-eXPLODE software.
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software where the software does not perform as advertised or documented.
  • Help diagnosing and solving problems with PDF-eXPLODE software as a result of User permissions, security or other on-site issues.
  • Advice on setting up and/or implementing PDF-eXPLODE functionality tailored to the organisation’s requirements.
  • Minor product updates (e.g. Version 3.0 -> Version 3.1) and temporary fixes but excludes major upgrades (e.g. Version 3 -> Version 4).

Customization :

  • This service is chargeable and provided on a time and materials basis at an hourly rate.
  • It is based on a Business Requirements document prepared by the User
  • A firm quote and delivery schedule is provided.
  • A 90 days warranty against any functionality bugs encountered by the Business
  • A   PLUS/MINUS 10% variation is included in the quote where requirements are not adequately clear on the required outcomes.
  • On large projects, a prototype may be provided for in the quote. This prototype must be signed off before the final product is written and delivered.



  • Responses will be made by e-mail, phone or Skype at the support provider’s discretion and may require use of a remote connection to the customer’s PC.
  • A response to the request for support will be provided, excluding weekends and holidays, unless extenuating circumstances exist:
    • by email within 24 hours from the time of initial contact  OR
    • by phone or internet meeting, by appointment


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