Why is the Microsoft Outlook (MAPI) option in PDF-eXPLODE Email Connection greyed out?


I notice that my MS Outlook option in the Email Connection Settings is greyed out (aka disabled) despite the fact I have MS Outlook installed on the PC. What is the reason or how can I use MS Outlook (MAPI) for emailing?


For MS Outlook emailing to work, it must be installed on the workstation or server where PDF-eXPLODE is installed. If MS Outlook is not installed on the same hardware, the option button on the PDF-eXPLODE Email Connection Settings will be disabled.

If MS Outlook is installed and the button is still dimmed, then you must ensure that 'Microsoft Outlook' is selected as your default email client. You can make MS Outlook your default, by selecting (within MS Outlook)  File/Options/ General tab (Outlook 2010)  and check the box " Make Outlook the default program for E-mail, Contacts and Calendar " . Here is the MS Outlook (2010) screen where you can set MS Outlook as the default program:






Here is PDF-eXPLODE Mail options screen with a disabled 'MAPI' option button.



You can change the setting in the registry as follows:

32 Bit Windows:

64 Bit Windows:



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