Why is my PDF not encrypted with the password I saved in the Tag?


I have a password Variable correctly coded in my PDF-eXPLODE document tag. I have also configured Password variable in the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen. When PDF-eXPLODE processing is done, I notice that the PDF files are not encrypted. 



The simple rule with PDF passwords and PDF-eXPLODE is that you should only use (case sensitive) alphabets and numbers. PDF-eXPLODE will not be able to encrypt password which include any of the following characters: @, # , ^ * ( ) ! ~ + = _ -

PDF is a universal format.  A PDF created in Windows will /should open in Apple MAC or Linux machines. However some of the illegal characters are not part of the MAC or Linux keyboard character set. It is for this reason you should never use any characters in the password that would not be available in a MAC or LINUX operating system keyboard or else you have effectively locked out the receiver of that PDF.  

Additionally, if the Owner and User passwords are identical (case and spelling), then PDF-eXPLODE will not encrypt the PDF.

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