When I run PDF-eXPLODE in non-silent mode and click either ’EXPLODE NOW’ or ’CREATE PDF’ buttons, I get a Windows error


If you are in non-silent mode and you select PRINT from your report or document, you are prompted with the PDF-eXPLODE Print options screen. On clicking the  EXPLODE NOW  or  CREATE PDF  button in order to continue the processing, the following Windows error appears:



This is a ‘Warning’ message rather than an ‘error’ as it does not terminate program operation. It emanates from Windows rather than a PDF-eXPLODE warning or error.

What causes this ‘error’ message?

When you upgrade from one Windows version or architecture (like 32B to 64B) to another, the upgrade tends to leave behind a BLANK old Desktop folder in addition to the upgraded one. This is the main reason for the issue. 
In the graphic below, the C:\USERS\%USERNAME% (User profile) folder has only ONE Desktop folder which contains the User software desktop shortcuts and folders. If the problem existed, then the graphic below would show another Desktop folder also, but this folder would be blank. So the existence of 2 Desktop folders "confuses" the File Browser window that PDF-eXPLODE has opened and it triggers the Windows message (which you have referred to as an 'error'). You could not duplicate this problem (existence of 2 Desktop.ini) normally as Windows run-time will not permit this duplication.


How do I fix the problem?

 If you look at C:\USERS\%USERNAME% (like C:\USERS\Chris),  it  is likely to have  2 ‘Desktop’ folders. Verify that one Desktop folder is  empty and the other contains all of your current software shortcuts. You would need to  rename the blank one  to say DESKTOP_BAK.

Next look at the path where the error points to: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEMPROFILE and check if the DESKTOP folder exists here.  More than likely not!  Create a blank DESKTOP folder in that location and that should fix the problem. There could be variations of this fix applicable for different PCs.

Alternatively, you can turn on Silent mode from the General settings of the Options menu when you open PDF-eXPLODE desktop shortcut.
This warning message will never appear in this mode as the program saves directly to a nominated folder (shown as 'Default Document Path') and does not need to open the File-folder browse interface.
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