Error: 75 Path/File access error


We are using PDF Exploded Version 3, server license, This has been running fine on a server for quite a while now, and all of the sudden we have begun receIving error messages on the server every now and then. This happens when a user prints to the network PDFeXPLODE printer. We can explode documents for a week straight and it work fine, however one day it will just put this message on the server screen and it will not explode.  It will not explode again from a workstation unless I reboot the server. It will, however, explode when using the batch file


This error is mostly caused by the User not having the appropriate privileges to explode and move files or write files to the exploding and PDF creation folders.  You can do  the following :

1. Provide FULL CONTROL to the User group  using PDF-eXPLODE on the following folders:

  1.         a.  Master PDF creation – you can find the folder under the “Default Document path” on the PDF-eXPLODE General Settings 
  2.         b.   set FULL CONTROL to the PDF exploding folder - the Exploded File Path under Mail settings and under each Message ID 

             To set FULL CONTROL, you need to:

                       -       right click the folder in Win Explorer

                       -       select properties, then Security tab

                        -       Highlight 'All Users' or 'Users' or an appropriate User group in the top box titled 'Group or user names'

                        -       Check 'Full Control' under ALLOW column of the lower box titled 'Permissions for [user name]'

                  -       Click OK button to apply and exit

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