Error: System cannot find the file specified


When processing a report I get the error "System cannot find the specified file". The process stops until I click OK and then the PDF-eXPLODE process aborts.


This can be due to one of the following issues:

  1. Your Anti-Virus software has deleted our exploding engine (applies to V2/V3+ ) called PeXCombine.EXE. This program file is a temporary executable file released into Windows Temp (V2V3.0-3.2) or PDF-eXPLODE program folder\CONTROLS sub-folder (V3.3+)   OR
  2. You do not have FULL CONTROL of the folder where your exploded file is being archived to. If you have no Message ID in the tag, then this exploded PDF path is the Mail Settings exploded file path or in a Message ID configuration it is shown under Exploded file path   OR
  3. You have Interactive Services Detection (ISD) enabled and running. This ISD is found under Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/Interactive Services. Disable this service as this is very much like UAC and will interrupt the PDF-eXPLODE processes

Further details are available in this  configuration document .

Fixing all of the above should eliminate the problem of "System could not find the specified file" error. If the error persists, please contact  with details of what you were processing and precisely when this error occurred.
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