Is it possible to send emails to a MS Outlook Contacts Groups or Distribution List with PDF-eXPLODE?


I am using MAPI in PDF-eXPLODE as my email sending connection. I would like to just enter the name of a Contact Group (for example: "Finance") into my tag instead of individual email addresses and get PDF-eXPLODE to convert these to email addresses and send it to MS Outlook for emailing out to the recipients in that list. However, I am not successful as PDF-eXPLODE treats the tag:


as a non-email tag and creates an exploded PDF file named Finance.pdf and the process ends. How can I make it recognize that the word "Finance" is indeed an MS Outlook Contact Group and should be emailed? Is it at all possible to send emails to Contact Groups in MS Outlook?


Yes, it is possible to send emails to one or more Contact Groups using MS Outlook as the email connection and the contacts group name in the tag. However you need to be mindful of the following important rules in regards to this specific sending.

  1. This feature only applies to PDF-eXPLODE V4.0.9.97 Feb 2014 or later
  2. In PDF-eXPLODE email settings, make sure you have selected MAPI as the default email connection.
  3. All MS Outlook Contact Groups generally have security permissions and a User sending emails to that Group must have the appropriate permission to do so. The MS Exchange server Administrator in your organisation must give you (the  MS Outlook sending mail box) explicit permission rights to send emails to the Group.
  4. The Tag in the example shown is incorrect. Your tag should be prefixed with  "Grp_"  without the double quotes. Your example would correctly read as: 
or if showing more than one group: 
<pdfexplode>Grp_Finance, Grp_Admin</pdfexplode>
Do not show double quotes around the tag.

When MS Outlook receives the PDF-eXPLODE output ready for email sending, the "Grp_" prefix will be omitted and the group will appear underlined (as in 'linked'). When sending, the Group will be split into the various email addresses of the members in the Group.


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