Is PDF-eXPLODE GDPR compliant?


 On 25th May 2018, the EU (European Union) introduced a regulation known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This requires all data (in the case of PDF-eXPLODE) to be secured. Is PDF-eXPLODE GDPR compliant?



Quick answer - YES!

In a blog in Jan 2017, Martin Kuppinger ( ) discusses the issue of software compliance and the requirements under GDPR. He states : " I hear this question being asked more and more  of vendors and of us analysts, whether a vendor’s software is GDPR compliant. However, it is the wrong question. The correct question is: Does the software allow my organization to fulfill the regulatory requirements of EU GDPR?'"

If an enterprise implements a software package, it still has the requirement for complying with EU GDPR. The organisation is regarded as the "data controller" whereas the software plays out the role of "data processor".  The role of the data processor – the one processing the data, ordered by the data controllers, is broader than ever before. Even someone that provides “only” storage that is used for storing PII is a data processor in the context of EU GDPR.

 It is the Data controller’s ('User') responsibility to configure the data processor ('PDF-eXPLODE') such that the Data produced (like logs/ configuration/ PDFs) are isolated and kept private and secure.  PDF-eXPLODE is capable of having all of its folders’ where “data” is retained or created, configurable.  Hence the answer to your question about PDF-eXPLODE and GDPR compliance is Yes!  PDF-eXPLODE is completely configurable such that all data created can be secured in folders of the User's choice. See F1 HELP: What's Installed Where

All System folders can be relocated to a folder of your choice using the registry settings;

32 Bit - /HKey_Local Machine/Software/PDFeXPLODE/

64 Bit - /HKey_Local Machine/Software/Wow6432Node/PDFeXPLODE/

You can access the registry, provided you have the necessary network permissions by clicking on the Search field under windows Start button and type:

REGEDIT  Then press [enter]

Once the registry opens, navigate to the path shown above and adjust all required paths EXCEPT the Program Path (PDF-eXPLODE.EXE)  to meet your requirements. Please remember to ensure the correct permissions are set on the folder that will allow the program to Modify existing files or Add new files. Here is a list of folders (by default) that are used to create data when the program runs:

[install folder]\SUB-FOLDERS :

PDFS - Master PDFs are created in this sub-folder. You can change this folder by Opening PDF-eXPLODE from the shortcut and clicking on PRINTER menu/PDFeXPLODE Options. The path is shown under General Settings/ Default Document Path  (bottom right hand window pane)

EXPLODED PDFS  - Exploded or burst  PDFs are part of the explode and email process. The locations are - Mail Settings/Exploded File Path (bottom right hand window pane)

The rest of the folder changes are located in the registry. Please read the appropriate Help Topic, shown above, for an explanation of what is stored in the folder that is likely to impact your organisation under GDPR.




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