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My Licensed PDF-eXPLODE install has suddenly turned back to Evaluation (’Demo’) mode - why?
Viewed 786 times since Wed, Mar 13, 2019
ISSUE: My PDF-eXPLODE program, which was installed over two year ago, suddenly came up with the evaluation screen this morning. I thought the license was a permanent license. I have not moved the license to another PC.  Why did my install... Read More
What is the correct method of licensing PDF-eXPLODE as I have not been successful?
Viewed 1214 times since Wed, Feb 1, 2017
ISSUE: I informed 3000AD Systems that I need to reactivate the license as the old PC has been retired from service. I was promptly informed that the license was reactivated and ready to relicense.  I have installed the correct version PDF... Read More
When I enter the License ID and password I get an error 69
Viewed 1581 times since Wed, Nov 26, 2014
ISSUE: On entering the license details in the PDF-eXPLODE 'Activate On-Line' screen, you get an ' error # 69 - please c ontact Technical support' ANSWER: The error is a result of an incompatible license ID and... Read More
PDF-eXPLODE remains in Demo mode despite correctly licensing it
Viewed 1589 times since Sun, Nov 30, 2014
ISSUE: When you license PDF-eXPLODE for the first time, you get a message saying ' License ID accepted. Thank you for purchasing PDF-eXPLODE '. You now close PDF-eXPLODE and then re-open it and the evaluation (demo) screen appears... Read More
What is ’Run As Administrator’ and why do I need to use it with PDF-eXPLODE licensing when I am already an Administrator?
Viewed 2325 times since Wed, Oct 12, 2016
ISSUE:  I am an Administrator on my network. However when I tried to license PDF-eXPLODE using the 'Activate On line'  option in the Evaluation screen, I get a message saying the product was successfully licensed and yet the program... Read More
What are the requirements for moving the PDF-eXPLODE license to a new PC or Server?
Viewed 3108 times since Sun, Nov 30, 2014
ISSUE: My PC is about to be decommissioned and removed from service. What do I do about licensing the program on the new PC? ANSWER: PDF-eXPLODE's license is valid for one activation and can only be installed on one PC at any one time... Read More

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