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The Invalid emails didn’t go into the FAILED folder unlike the Failed emails
Viewed 187 times since Tue, Mar 16, 2021
ISSUE:  I ran a batch of emails and some were not sent but marked as Invalid. None of these emails were placed into the FAILED sub-folder under the install folder. Why are Invalid emails treated differently to Failed ones?   ANSWER: In PDF-eXPLODE,... Read More
Gmail currently require a two-step authentication to access my email account. How do I send SMTP emails using Gmail credentials?
Viewed 322 times since Wed, Nov 18, 2020
[This article is presented here, courtesy of Sharon Bates, IT programmer and Reseller of PDF-eXPLODE] ISSUE: Gmail currently require a two-step authentication to access my email account. This has impacted my PDF-eXPLODE SMTP sending. How can I send... Read More
How do I prevent or minimise the risk of my emails going to SPAM?
Viewed 1343 times since Mon, Jul 30, 2018
ISSUE: Is there a way to schedule the emails to reduce the likelihood of the email server being flagged as a spammer? For example, if we have 500 emails to send and they all go at once that will likely trigger a 'black list' event.  ... Read More
Each time I send an email in PDF-eXPLODE using MS Outlook MAPI, I get a warning message from Outlook and the program is interrupted and paused waiting for my input.
Viewed 1400 times since Fri, Sep 21, 2018
ISSUE:  In PDF-eXPLODE, I use MS Outlook MAPI connection as my emailing solution. However I have found since our MS Office upgrade, each time an email message is delivered by PDF-eXPLODE to Outlook for emailing, a warning message interrupts the... Read More
I can’t get MS Outlook to send PDFeXPLODE emails from my accounting (department) email address. It keeps sending them from my personal (default) email account.
Viewed 1411 times since Fri, Oct 19, 2018
ISSUE: I am using PDF-eXPLODE V4 and send emails via my MS Outlook application on my desktop. Each email is sent with the sender showing my personal email ( Joe@myserver.com ) despite the fact I configured PDF-eXPLODE to Send From ... Read More
Error 0 shows in the Log when sending emails via MS Outlook
Viewed 1730 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2014
ISSUE: All emails via MS Outlook (MAPI configuration instead of SMTP) are not sent and an Error 0 appears in the log. What does this error relate to? ANSWER: MS Outlook does not necessarily communicate much information back to PDF-eXPLODE... Read More
When I click the Test Connection button in PDF-eXPLODE, I get an error
Viewed 1874 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2014
ISSUE: Clicking the Test connection button produces an error.   OR in Win 7 the button is disabled (the button click does not initiate any response.). The solution below applies to both errors i.e. when you get a Windows error 429 or no button... Read More
My emails do not ’Send’ and the detailed log shows a Winsocket Error: 10053- An established connection was aborted...
Viewed 2082 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2014
ISSUE: My emails do not send and the detailed log shows a Win socket Error: 10053  WSAECONNABORTED -An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.  ANSWER: This error may be caused by anti-virus... Read More
Each of my emails sent by PDF-eXPLODE via MS Outlook appear either locked or corrupted and I cannot seem to open or send them
Viewed 2111 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2014
ISSUE: I have configured MS Outlook for sending email from PDF-eXPLODE. Each email I try to send via MS Outlook appear in the  'Outbox'  but do not get transmitted. When I try to open them to send, I get the error message "Cannot... Read More
Why is the Microsoft Outlook (MAPI) option in PDF-eXPLODE Email Connection greyed out?
Viewed 2947 times since Sat, Nov 29, 2014
ISSUE: I notice that my MS Outlook option in the Email Connection Settings is greyed out (aka disabled) despite the fact I have MS Outlook installed on the PC. What is the reason or how can I use MS Outlook (MAPI) for emailing? ANSWER: For... Read More
I get an error 429 when trying to send emails via SMTP
Viewed 3731 times since Wed, Nov 26, 2014
ISSUE: The following error appears in the log just as PDF-eXPLODE is about to send emails.  Error #: 429 occurred - ActiveX component can't create object  This causes the program to abort emailing and the process session ends with no... Read More
I am using SMTP for emailing my document in PDF-eXPLODE. How do I get external emails to be delivered?
Viewed 4649 times since Thu, Dec 4, 2014
Issue: Each time I use an email address which is an external domain, the email errors. This happens also when I do a test connection. Answer:   The first thing we need to establish is a real reason for any email sending error. Open... Read More

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