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Which characters cannot be used in the PDF-eXPLODE tag?


Some characters cannot be used in the tag.


Illegal Characters

In PDF-eXPLODE, the tag (without the <pdfexplode> front and back node) is used as a temporary PDF file name. Some characters cannot be used  in a file name as they are regarded by Windows as illegal characters; hence these cannot be used within the tag . These characters are 

    ? / \ < > ! | ' { } "  ; *  

  • Where / is used in a date, PDF-eXPLODE will convert this to a dash (-) 
  • where a / is used between text or numbers that do not evaluate to a valid date, an underscore (_) will be used as a replacement  
  • A double quote will be converted to a single quote '

Reserved Characters

PDF-eXPLODE also has some characters that are reserved and their use is prohibited within text or as part of a variable or Message ID name.  These characters are:   
    # % @ ^ ` ,

  • `    (back quote ) is used on either side of some text value of a variable if the text contains a comma
  • (per cent)   is the character used at the end of a string of variables
  • #    (hash or Pound) is used to signify that the preceding text is a Message ID
  • @    (at) is used as part of an email address
  • ,     (comma) is used to separate each variable
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