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When I enter the License ID and password I get an error 69


On entering the license details in the PDF-eXPLODE 'Activate On-Line' screen, you get an ' error # 69 - please c ontact Technical support'


The error is a result of an incompatible license ID and License file (pdfexplode.lf found in the PDF-eXPLODE program folder).  It could be you have previously installed a different PDF-eXPLODE and the uninstall hasn't properly deleted the pdfeplode.lf file and the current licensed product is a different license type. Once you contact the 3000AD Systems support (support@3000ad.com.au) they will provide you with a new LF file to match the license ID purchased. You then save that new LF file into the program folder and relicense.


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