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What is the best way to schedule a Crystal Report with PDF-eXPLODE processing?


I have designed a report in Crystal Reports and modified it to include a PDF-eXPLODE tag. Now I need to run this report each day at 8AM before I get to work. Is it best to use the Windows task scheduler? (START menu/ All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/ Task Scheduler)


Windows Task Scheduler is one way to achieve that result. However a better way is to use a specific Viewer/Scheduler designed for Crystal and various other report writers. There are a number of good Viewer/Schedulers in the marketplace specific to Crystal Reports. 

You have a choice of free or purchased Viewer/Scheduler. Obviously you will have to determine the value of a purchased license over free usage yourself. In many instances, the purchased, licensed product has more features and comes with support and free updates.  

Here are a couple of good free Schedulers :

Logicity  - https://www.logicitysuite.com/products/logicity.html

Crystal Delivery -  https://www.groffautomation.com/

One of most reasonably priced licensed Scheduler is:

EasyView https://www.easystreetsoftware.net/Products/EasyView_Main.php

NOTE : Currently, the developers of EasyView do not appear to be in business and hence any form of support may not be available for this product. Notwithstanding that, the product provides all the required functionality to manage Crystal reports from CR 2008 version and older. Newer versions of Crystal may not be compatible with EasyView.


You install one of these programs, open the RPT (Crystal designed report) files from the scheduler interface, and configure for Printing (to PDF-eXPLODE) along with other parameters that be required by your report (such as Database password and report parameters like Data date range). 

Make sure PDF-eXPLODE has been set to SILENT mode if the Desktop or Server installation of PDF-eXPLODE is logged in. If using the server version and the server is not left logged in, then ensure that VERY SILENT option under General Settings is also checked in the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen.

Please read our web page here for more information: https://www.pdf-explode-us.com/TechTip_CrystalSched.php

None of the above Schedulers are in any way linked to PDF-eXPLODE or 3000AD Systems. We are not recommending one against the other nor do we get any form of commission payment if a User decides to purchase and/or use these products with PDF-eXPLODE. Each User should individually establish what is most suitable for their organisation or environment. 3000AD Systems accepts no responsibility for any choice made by the User nor its suitability to the User's requirement.


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