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What is ’Run As Administrator’ and why do I need to use it with PDF-eXPLODE licensing when I am already an Administrator?


 I am an Administrator on my network. However when I tried to license PDF-eXPLODE using the 'Activate On line'  option in the Evaluation screen, I get a message saying the product was successfully licensed and yet the program continues in evaluation mode. The install instructions require me to start PDF-eXPLODE from the install folder EXE and using the Run As Administrator menu option from right clicking the EXE. How does this make a difference to the licensing?



Here is an explanation of Run As Administrator and how it adds further permissions to your current administrator status.

When you log on,  Windows creates an access token. This identifies you, the groups you are a member of and your privileges. Whether a user is an administrator or not, is determined by whether the user is a member of the Administrators group. Without UAC previously, when you ran a program, it gets a copy of the access token, and this controls what the program can access. 

With UAC, when you run a program it gets a restricted access token. This is the original access token with "Administrators" removed from the list of groups (and some other changes). Even though you may be  a member of the Administrators group, the program can't use Administrator privileges.

When you select "Run as Administrator" and you or your user is an administrator,  the program is launched with the original unrestricted access token. If you or your user is not an administrator,  you will then be prompted for an administrator account, and the program is run under that account. 

If you do not run the license with Run As Administrator menu option, then Windows will block the pdfexplode.lf (license file) update from "Demo" to "Normal" license.  Please note that User Account Control (aka UAC) is always on– you can minimize UAC, but cannot turn it off. 'Minimizing UAC' implies that you set the vertical adjustable meter to the minimum. This will suppress any warning messages but UAC continues activity in the background.

Every PDF-eXPLODE license comes with ONE activation - if that is entered correctly, the program makes contact with our web Database and downdates that activation to '0'. Now you will get a "Licensed Successfully" notification and you also have "no more remaining activations". However, if you commenced the license process without 'Run As Administrator', then you are operating with restricted permissions and the local pdfexplode.lf (license file) cannot be updated to change its status from D (demo) to N (normal-licensed), nor can the appropriate registry changes be made and the pdfexplode.lf (license file) remains in evaluation mode. 

Please commence licensing with the Run As Administrator menu item by right clicking on the installed folder PDF-eXPLODE.EXE and not a shortcut.






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