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What are the requirements for moving the PDF-eXPLODE license to a new PC or Server?


My PC is about to be decommissioned and removed from service. What do I do about licensing the program on the new PC?


PDF-eXPLODE's license is valid for one activation and can only be installed on one PC at any one time.  If your PC has crashed and it has to be rebuilt or re-imaged, or the PC is being retired from service and replaced, you can request 3000AD Systems to reactivate the license you have for reuse on the new PC. You are required to send an email to either of the following addresses:  support@3000ad.com.au info@pdf-explode.com , or  info@pdf-explode-us.com  giving information about your license name and ID. Allow up to 2 working days for your email to be responded. If you fail to inform 3000AD Systems before re-licensing, you are likely to get a licensing error "No more activations remaining".

If you are using PDF-eXPLODE version 3 or later, then your License ID can be located by starting PDF-eXPLODE (from the installed shortcut link if available) and when the printer queue window opens, click on the  HELP  menu and then select  About  from the drop down. On the  About  screen, click on the  License Details  button. Your License ID and Licensee name are important; alternatively these details can be sourced from the original purchase invoice.  If you are unable to advise the License ID, then at least the licensee name will be required.

If you just needed to re-install the PDF-eXPLODE program on the same PC (without any re-imaging or operating system changes), then re-licensing would not normally be required unless one or more of the license registry settings or file(s) has somehow corrupted.

When you activate the license, you will receive an "Activation successful" message. This message acknowledges that the Web database has been updated. Your license count (remembering you get only ONE activation per license purchased), is now set to zero. However, the local license file (PDFeXPLODE.LF) found in the installed folder must also be changed from Evaluation to Licensed mode. If that fails to happen, then the next time you restart PDF-eXPLODE, it will still display the evaluation banner screen . If you then try to re-license PDF-eXPLODE again now, it will give you an error "No more remaining activation" as your license count=0. You will need to send 3000AD Systems an email to re-activate. 

To prevent any of the foregoing happening, BEFORE LICENSING, please configure your PDF-eXPLODE software as follows

  1. Login as 'Admin' 
  2. Start PDF-eXPLODE.EXE from the installed folder (and NOT from the shortcut) by right clicking on the EXE and select  Run As Administrator  from the pop up menu. Please disregard the fact that you are logged in as Admin as some special privileges result from this menu item that prevent any UAC blocking of the license file update.
  3. Now when PDF-eXPLODE opens under the Run As Administrator execution, you can click on the second option ' Activate On Line'   and enter the License ID and password; click OK. You should get a success message and the evaluation screen should immediately disappear on clicking OK on the success message. 
  4. If you still have the evaluation appearing, then you will need to shut down PDF-eXPLODE and request a reactivation again from 3000AD Systems.
  5. Once you receive notification that is done,  proceed to next step of turning off UAC before you do the licensing from step 2 again.
  6. Turn off UAC - found under Control Panel/ User Accounts. UAC blocks the LF file update, if turned on. [OPTIONAL]
  7. Reboot the PC  (if a Server, take appropriate care to ensure no one is logged on) if UAC has just been turned off.
  8. On re-starting, go to the installed folder, right click on the file pdfexplode.lf and select  Properties . Next select  Security  tab and click the  EDIT  button, then highlight Users and check the  Full Control  checkbox found under the Allow  column. Click  Apply  then  OK
  9. Now you are ready to re-license.


If you receive a success message after licensing and the evaluation and immediately thereafter you get an " Error 69, contact technical support"  this implies you have a wrong pdfexplode.lf (license file) in your installed folder. The file is perhaps from a previous version or the License ID does not match the installed product. For example: you have installed V4 by downloading the installer from https://www.pdf-explode.com/TRY NOW . However, you have a License ID for Version 3 and have never purchased an upgrade to V4, then you will get an error 69 when the V3 License ID is entered on a V4 License screen.

If you are upgrading your version of PDF-eXPLODE or just moving the program to another PC, then you can also transfer the  PDF-eXPLODE.INI  (configuration) file to the new installation as follows:

  1. If your version was V3 or earlier (prior to Jan 2013), then your INI file will be located under  C:\DOCUMENT AND SETTINGS\%USER\APPLICATION DATA\PDF-eXPLODE  (for Win XP) or  C:\USERS\%USER\AppData\ROAMING\PDF-eXPLODE  ( for Win Vista and later). Copy that file to the new  [installed folder]\INIS\%USER
  2. If your version is V3.3.10.99 onwards, then the INI configuration file can be found in  [INSTALLED FOLDER]\INIS\%USER
  3. Open PDF-eXPLODE from the desktop shortcut or from the installed folder and select Printer Menu / Options .
  4. Go through each screen and verify that the data is as expected. Pay special attention to the correct setting of checkboxes and radio button options. Retype ALL password fields with the password text again. Test your Email connection.
  5. Once you are satisfied that the INI file is correct, click SAVE to save and exit. You have now successfully transferred your configuration file to the new program location and current version format.

If you are upgrading PDF-eXPLODE from the current version (say V3) to the new version just purchased (say V4), you will need to uninstall the old version, then reboot (recommended if a standalone PC).  It is also advisable to i nstall the new version into a different folder .

When you purchased a license for any version of PDF-eXPLODE, the license is perpetual unless you have upgraded the license to a more recent version of PDF-eXPLODE by payment of an upgrade fee (see below *UPGRADES)- that means no further fees are ever payable (other than optional support fees).  You are permitted to move the license and reinstall the product on a new PC, Server or Virtual Server, as appropriate for your license,  provided the reason for this move is :

  1. Retiring the old server – reinstalling on a new PC
  2. The server has crashed and needs to be rebuilt – reinstalling on the same PC



  1. You cannot retain the license and simultaneously use the license on a new server. That would constitute a new unpaid for license and is regarded as illegal use of the license. The license can be immediately terminated and disabled at 3000AD Systems discretion.
  2. Simultaneous installation of the same license across two systems is acceptable under the following condition:  A fair business period not exceeding 30 days during transition to the new server is allowed for the new system to be deployed and the old server retired or shut down and the license uninstalled on that server.

If you have previously upgraded your license to a later version of PDF-eXPLODE, the old license will forever be deactivated and marked " Upgrade ". This means this license can never be used again nor reactivated upon request. The reason for this lies in the fact that the Upgraded new license was purchased at a preferential price representing the difference of the price in the old and new license plus a small admin fee. In reality, you "exchanged" or "traded-in" this license . On-going use of the old upgraded license is illegal and contravenes our End User License Agreement. Any request to reactivate an upgraded license will be refused. 



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