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We are interested in trying the free trial for PDF-eXPLODE; however, we would like to see the terms of use of the Evaluation/Trial


 My company is not in the habit of downloading 'Try and Then Buy' software.  But w e are interested in trying the free trial for PDF-eXPLODE; however, we would like to review any terms or conditions attached to the download and evaluation of this software. Can you please identify all of the conditions for its use during the evaluation period?



Here are the conditions of use:

  1. The FREE TRIAL does not require any Credit Card imprint nor CC details to be provided when you download the Trial version of PDF-eXPLODE.
  2. The TRIAL extends 45 days and can be extended at the request of the User for a maximum of a further 21 days
  3. During evaluation, each batch of documents emailed, will contain a footnote (on the email message) as follows:  

“PS: I‘m sending you this e-mail and attachment using PDF-eXPLODE, an amazing document distribution tool. You can try PDF-eXPLODE for your own business using the FREE trial version available at - https://www.pdf-explode.com

4.  The evaluation is restricted to a maximum of 25 emails per 'print' run, selected at random. So if the batch of documents processed exceeds 25, not all of them will be emailed.

5.  If the document batch is exploded but not emailed , a coversheet will be inserted in the front of each exploded PDF as shown here:   


  1. If trying out a Server version, a Temporary License can be provided for a maximum of 15 days at the User’s request at no cost. This will facilitate proper testing of the server version . The temporary license is a full licensed version which will expire after the set time. Send us a request to  mail@3000ad.com.au   stating your name, company, company title, type of Server version and number of User pack. You can decide which server version suits you by clicking this link:   What is the difference in the various versions of PDF-eXPLODE?
  2. There is no obligation to purchase PDF-eXPLODE after the expiry of the evaluation.
  3. Free priority support by phone or internet based connection is provided during the evaluation period and the first two months following purchase. This assists with any configuration or Windows environment issues experienced by the User.
  4. The evaluation is converted to a “ Perpetual License ” by issue of a License ID by the ecommerce site on purchase. This License ID once entered into the software provides a permanent/ no royalty/no license fee thereafter. Support costs do apply beyond 60 days after purchase, if you require any form of  processing support.
  5. Once the software is purchased and you need to relocate the license to another PC/server as the current hardware is about to be retired from service or it has crashed and needs to be rebuilt, then you must advise 3000AD Systems in writing, by email to mail@3000ad.com.au  advising when the relation will occur and what is the License ID or company name under which the License was purchased, and the reason for relocating the license. Allow up to 48 business hours for reactivation of the license. You can read the requirement here:  What are the requirements for moving the PDF-eXPLODE license to a new PC or Server?
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