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The Invalid emails didn’t go into the FAILED folder unlike the Failed emails


 I ran a batch of emails and some were not sent but marked as Invalid. None of these emails were placed into the FAILED sub-folder under the install folder. Why are Invalid emails treated differently to Failed ones?



In PDF-eXPLODE, there is a big difference in the software definitions between INVALID and FAILED emails

Failed:  Program attempted to send the email but the destination server rejected it as non-valid or non-existent on the destination server

Invalid:   The program does not even attempt to send the email; before sending, ALL email addresses are tested for correct email address format.  

If the email address does not pass this test, the email is not sent and it is listed in the InvalidEmails.log. 

1st part:  local name with NO spaces  followed by a  @

2nd part :  domain name followed by a dot (.)

 3rd part :  2-4 characters indicating  business type (.com,  .org,  .net) followed by a dot (.)

 4th part :  country code (like .us, .au.uk, .nz) followed by a dot (.)

Either of the 3rd part or  4th part must exist or even both.  


Valid email address: mail@3000ad.com.au 

Invalid email address: mail@3000ad..com (here there are 2 x dots following domain name) or mail@3000ad (no business type or country code)

The InvalidEmail.log will show the date/time and the tag which contained the invalid email address.  Some occasions, where no email is encountered at the end of the tag, then that will also be included in the tag. Such "errors" could be ignored depending on your business; but this could also serve as a reminder that one of the Users must phone the client, obtain an email address and update the database. 




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