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PDFeXPLODE Printer is Offline and can’t be turned back online


PDFeXPLODE printer shows as OffLine and can't be turned online. This means we can't run any PDF-eXPLODE processing


This could be the result of either of the following issues:

  1. The last print spooler job may have caused some problem - so STOP and
    START the spooler. To do this:
    Select Control Panel/ Administrative Tools/services now find
    Print Spooler and click STOP in the top left hand corner of this listing of
    Services. Then after a few seconds click START and then retry PDF-eXPLODE.

  2. The PDFeXPLODE print driver may be corrupted - uninstall, then reboot and then re-install
    PDF-eXPLODE software into a different folder e.g.: C:\PROGRAM FILES\PDF-eXPLODE1
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