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My Tag is a simple email address. How do I Print my Invoice automatically if the Customer email address is blank?


  I created a simple tag with only an email address - much like your video. So each time there is no email address in the database, I want to be able to simply send this report output instead to a printer. Can I do that without any Crystal Reports programming?



Yes - you can easily create a 'Rule' that would send a non-email page tag to the printer of your choice.

1.  In your Client database Email field, insert the text NoEmail where the field is blank.

2.  Now set up a 'Client' in PDF-eXPLODE Options screen with the name NoEmail as shown in the graphic below.  Check Print , and select  ONLY (don't E-Mail)  from the drop down. Select the number of print copies and the Printer.

3.  Move to the Exploded File tab and show the File Path of the folder where the exploded PDFs will be saved.

3.  Now click the Apply button in the Client Details screen and then click the Save button on the bottom left of the screen.

4.  Run your report.


When the report runs, most Tag pages will display a tag as <pdfexplode> {email_addr}</pdfexplode>  [Example:  <pdfexplode>mail@3000ad.com.au</pdfexplode>. However, some Invoice pages will display a tag of 

<pdfexplode> NoEmail</pdfexplode>

When the report master PDF is exploded, PDF-eXPLODE will collate and group the tag contents (i.e. email-address or NoName client)  and then create an exploded PDF of the collated pages by destination. So you can expect to have ONE 'NoEmail.PDF' saved to your nominated exploded PDF path containing all of the non-email Invoices.  As part of email processing, PDF-eXPLODE compares the email address to the configuration and looks for any defined email or non-email Client. If one exists (in this case 'NoEmail'), it will action the relevant configuration settings and in this case send the complete NoEmail.PDF document to the nominated printer. You will notice we are requesting 2 Invoice prints - one for the archives.

If you wish to get individual Invoices printed and archived separately, you will need to introduce a Variable using the {InvoiceNo} database field in your report tag as follows:

<pdfexplode>{InvoiceNo} % {email_addr}</pdfexplode> which will display as <pdfexplode>{InvoiceNo} % NoEmail </pdfexplode> OR <pdfexplode>{InvoiceNo} % mail@Client_coy.com </pdfexplode>

Note- Variables must be "terminated" in the tag with a "%" character.   Here the tag will be different for each Invoice and hence even though the NoName "email_address" section is the same across all non-email tags, sort and combine pages is across the complete Tag contents and hence two different invoices both with the same email destination (or NoName) will NOT be grouped as one PDF now. So each Invoice will be saved/archived to the local hard drive separately. In the next few lines, we will explain how you configure PDF-eXPLODE to force the filename to be the Invoice no rather than the default email address.

In the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen , select Variable Settings and set this up as shown in the screen below:

You will need to check ' Use Variable for exploded file name'  and ' Use variables in e-mail'. Now you can add the <Var 1> text to your email message as follows:

Run your report.  Each time the NoEmail " email address" is encountered in the tag, the Invoice no PDF will print and the PDF will be saved to the Exploded PDFs path as previously configured under the NoEmail  client. As you progressively update the Client email addresses in your database, the number of ' NoEmail  ' prints will reduce.

If your database provides any form of querying based on "filtering" specific content in the email field,  showing 'NoEmail' in the email database field, can also provide a list of all clients with no email address.

If you wish, each time a NoEmail  email address is sent to the printer, you can also send a CC email to an internal person with the Invoice attached, so they can follow up the Client and obtain the email address as well as replace the NoEmail value in the database with the Client's email address. To do this you will need to open the PDF-eXPLODE Options screen and click on + Client to open up the NoEmail configuration. Click on EDIT CLIENT button on the right hand side window when the NoEmail Client detail is displayed.  Now change the Print to  ALSO from ONLY,   as well as check the CC and add an email address to the follow up person, besides adding a subject and message for the email as show below:











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