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My emails do not ’Send’ and the detailed log shows a Winsocket Error: 10053- An established connection was aborted...


My emails do not send and the detailed log shows a Win socket Error: 10053  WSAECONNABORTED -An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. 


This error may be caused by anti-virus software running on your computer that blocks an outbound port. (There are other potential causes, but anti-virus is one potential culprit).  

Check to see if you have an anti-virus/spyware program that’s blocking it. Sometimes those programs will allow "known" applications such as MS Outlook to work, but disallow others. Disable the anti-virus software and try again. If it works, configure the antivirus software to allow the port  (generally Port 25) to be used by PDF-eXPLODE. Check your email connection settings in the PDF-eXPLODE Options to determine which Port you are using to send emails.  

Both McAfee VirusScan and Norton/Symantec Antivirus have been found to give these errors sometimes, but other virus scanners or versions may also cause these errors.


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