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I have installed PDF-eXPLODE but I do not see the PDFeXPLODE printer icon


You have installed PDF-eXPLODE, but no PDFeXPLODE printer icon appears in the Printers and Devices section of the START button


The following possibilities exist for this issue to occur:

  1. You have installed the 32 Bit PDF-eXPLODE setup program in a 64 Bit PC -Uninstall, reboot your PC and then re-install using the 64 Bit PDF-eXPLODE installer into a DIFFERENT folder.  This is the most likely reason. 
  2. A 64 Bit installer is not available for PDF-eXPLODE V1 or V2. In case you don't have the appropriate installer for V3 or V4, send an email to  support@3000ad.com.au
  3. During installation, if you do not have the appropriate permissions - like a FULL Admin does, then you have some key Registry entries missing. This can cause the PDFeXPLODE printer icon to be missing. To fix this, ensure someone with appropriate Admin privileges installs the program into a different folder - this is important so it can trigger the recreation of PDF-eXPLODE registry entries.
  4. Where PDFeXPLODE printer was installed and working, it is possible that the PDF-eXPLODE printer icon got inadvertently deleted either by a User or IT person, or possibly due to some Windows processes or Anti-virus software interference. You can try to restore the Printer by 
    • ' Add a Printer ' from  Printers and Devices. 
    • Select between  Local Printer  or  Network Printer
    • In  Choose a Printer Port,   choose  Use an Existing Port  and find the  PDFeXPLODE  port previously installed
    • On the screen  Install a Printer Driver,  select  HP  as a manufacturer and under  Printers,  select :  HP Color Laserjet Series 2800 PS
    • On the next screen  'Which version of the driver you want to use?' , select  Use the driver that is currently installed;  click Next
    • Give the Printer a name of   PDFeXPLODE
    • On the next screen, share the printer if a Network printer, else don't share it.
    • Finally,  Print a Test Page  on the last prompted screen.
    • check the PDF output to prove the printer is working correctly.
  5. if you cannot locate a 64 Bit installer for your PDF-eXPLODE V3 or V4, then write to 3000AD Systems advising them of your version number (e.g. and type (e.g.. Desktop or Print Server 3-User). Address your email to  mail@3000ad.com.au


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