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I get an error 429 when trying to send emails via SMTP


The following error appears in the log just as PDF-eXPLODE is about to send emails. 

Error #: 429 occurred - ActiveX component can't create object 

This causes the program to abort emailing and the process session ends with no emails being sent. What can I do?


Please make sure the log error does no t say: "MS OUTLOOK: ActiveX component can't create object Error# : 429". If it does, then this issue relates to MAPI email communication with PDF-eXPLODE.  You can verify this by confirming that your current ' Email Connection Setting' is set to MS Outlook (MAPI).

The error indicates that PDF-eXPLODE is not able to communicate with the MS Outlook library files to initiate the 'Send Message' process. Missing registry information can cause problems with Outlook communicating with PDFeXPLODE and results in the Error #429. To rectify this, run a Repair of Microsoft Office  from the MS Office installer disk. Then reboot your PC. and once it restarts, try running a Test document which should email from MS Outlook (MAPI).


If your error relates to SMTP, please read on.

Part 1
Most likely, the email engine has not registered during installation or if this is an old installation then some Windows update has affected the registry entry. Hence the Error 429 occurs and no emails will be possible through our SMTP. 

To re-register the email engine file (called ChilkatMail2.dll) found in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 (32 Bit) or C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOWO64 (64 Bit PC)) select Start Menu and in the Search  Search magnifying glass image field line (Win 7)   or  Run   (Win XP) type the following:

Regsvr32  “C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CHILKATMAIL2.DLL”            if a 32 Bit PC


Regsvr32  “C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\CHILKATMAIL2.DLL”         if a 64 Bit PC

You should get a “success” message as below:  

However, if you get an error message as follows:

DllregisterServer failed with error code 0x8002801c

it means that you have no permission to update the Windows registry. Make sure to run regsvr32  using a full Admin person's login rather than one with elevated admin privileges.

Alternatively you can locate regsvr32.exe in the C:\Windows\System32 if the Windows is 32 Bit or C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder if your Windows is 64 Bit . Now right click on the regsvr32.exe and from the popup menu select  Create Shortcut. On the shortcut, right click and select Properties. Now when the properties screen opens, add the path C:\Windows\System32 (or SysWow64)\ChilkatMail2.Dll at the end of the Target  field, after inserting one space. Now click the Advanced button and on the new screen check the box -  Run As Administrator   and click OK. You can now run this shortcut as an Administrator to enable the ChilkatMail2 engine to register.

 If you did not get a registration "Success" message on your PC then read on.


Part 2

If you got the following error:

The module "chilkatcrypt2.dll" failed to load"

Make sure the binary  chilkatcrypt2.dll  is stored at the specified path:  “C:Windows\Syswow64” – if it exists, then check its version & date and advise 3000AD Systems by email at  support@3000ad.com.au


However, you could get this error instead:

" Module C:Program Files (x(86)Chilkat Software Inc Chilkat Crypt ActiveXChilkatCrypt2.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147010895. Contact your support personnel."

This error could be caused by the absence of VC++ 2008 on the server. Download and install the 32-bit VC++ 2008 redist. from the link below:       

   Visual Studio 2008 Runtime required for Email engine

Once you have downloaded this setup file, please install it and then attempt to register ChilkatMail2.dll as explained above in Part 1. Note the 32 Bit download is suggested as the ChilkatMail2.dll is a 32 Bit file and it does not matter that the server may be a 64 Bit architecture.  Once the install is complete, then you will need to register the email engine again as in part 1.



  Part 3

At some User sites, it is possible that you may get the following error after completing Part 1.


This results where the Windows  operating system may be missing some Visual Studio 2008 runtime library files.  You will need to install these files from the Microsoft link site:


Download the run-time Visual Studio 2008 libraries

Once the install is complete, then you will need to register the email engine again as in part 1.​


Part 4

If the problem persists, then contact 3000AD Systems by email to support@3000ad.com.au  and please attach your pdfexplode.log found in the LOGS\%User ID% sub-folder of your PDF-eXPLODE installation folder.



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