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I am evaluating the software and get an error "Illegal Call" when the program is about to explode so effectively the program is not working at all. What can I do?


 When running PDF-eXPLODE, the User will get an error showing in the log of "Illegal Call" when exploding the PDF.  This shows as follows in the log:


Starting Exploding engine.

Removing forbidden characters from tag.
Exploding document...
Illegal Call

Exiting Exploding engine.

Nothing gets produced and there are no exploded PDFs, no emails. What can I do? 




If a non-English version of Windows is installed, a non Roman script language (for example Chinese) is set as Current System Locale in Control Panel/ Region and Language Settings / Administrative tabs. Unicode is a character set that can correctly display most non-English characters as well foreign (English script) European language characters in German, French, Spanish and Croatian and others (as examples: Ç , ü ). The PDF-eXPLODE exploding engine is a English based ASCII character set program which is unable to interpret Unicode characters. When creating a (master) PDF, the PDF-eXPLODE PDF creation engine, like most other PDF engines, will transform the words AS-IS, whereas the PDF-eXPLODE exploding engine must interpret each word when extracting the individual PDFs based on the Tag. Where the ASCII character based PDF-eXPLODE exploding engine extracts a foreign word and fails to interpret it, the engine will provide a substitute character in the word ( Ç --> C, ü --> u) , thereby running the risk of changing the meaning of the word in that foreign language.  In the case of a non-Roman character languages like Arabic, Chinese, or Hindi, there is no substitute available in the ASCII character set and hence you get an "illegal function" error.

How can we overcome this error and complete a successful explode and consequently a successful e-mail?

The "Illegal Function" error is a fatal error causing the program to stop without any exploding and before any emails are sent.  

The fix is to make the changes shown below. Windows, by default, will make the default character set (for all program interpretation) to be the same as the Windows operating system language. Here is a Chinese Windows version showing how the default character set is set in the the operating system:











 To resolve the issue, change the Current System Locale to English so that any English based program can correctly interpret the data. Once fixed as suggested below, run PDF-eXPLODE tests to establish that  the explode correctly completes and emails are sent. See the image below and change Chinese to English and save/exit from the screen. You will need to reboot the PC for this change to take effect.   









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