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How does the end to end process of PDF-eXPLODE work?


 I am trying to understand the overall approach to setting up and processing document delivery with PDF-eXPLODE. Please explain!




  1. You install the product (space required around 35 Mb) on any Server and configure the printer to be “shared” along with other configuration :  https://kb.pdf-explode.com/article/i-have-intermittent-problems-running-pdf-explode-how-do-i-configure-pdf-explode-for-problem-free-processing-32.html 
  2. License it is on that server
  3. Install the printer driver or “add a printer” on each User workstations if you have installed a Print Server version. If the workstation is the same architecture (32 or 64 Bit) as the Server, then you should be able to use the 'Add a Printer' wizard on the workstation
  4. Adjust the port on these workstation printer installs, to point to the server IP address if you used the PDf-eXPLODE driver installation and not the  Windows 'Add a Printer' wizard.


Total time around 15-30 mins



  1. Make an adjustment to your Report template to include a PDF-eXPLODE  "tag".  A "tag" is a text field which is a combination of database values and a destination email addresst,  set between a front/back node called <pdfexplode> </pdfexplode>
  2. Test this by running & previewing the report
  3. You can make the  Tag a simple email tag or a more complex collection of Database values (up to 9) referred to as “VARIABLES” which either perform a system function like ‘Creating an archive folder/ creating a PDF password/Creating a specific filename/ or just merging the data values into the outgoing email subject or message. See this video in here: https://kb.pdf-explode.com/article/what-is-pdf-explode-6.html


Total time around 30 mins -1.5 hours depending on your reporting software.



  1. User opens their business (Front or Back Office) software to run a report, clicks PRINT and selects the PDF-eXPLODE  printer.
  2. Windows creates a print output and forwards the output to PDF-eXPLODE application via the printer Port. If the product version is a Print Server, then the printer Port has been preconfigured to point to the server such that output produced on a Workstation PDFeXPLODE printer will be redirected to the server for processing.  
  3. PDF-eXPLODE.EXE, (which is in the installed folder), will convert the report output to a PDF which is referred to as a Master PDF
  4. The master PDF is then analysed by the exploding engine and split (aka 'exploded') into  multiple PDFs each with one or more pages based on the destination (in most cases)  
  5. An exploded PDF is archived on the local drive
  6. Optionally, an email is sent to the email address found in the tag.
  7. Job done.





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