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How can I set up a MS Word document to use with PDF-eXPLODE?


 Our company would like to send MS Word documents using PDF-eXPLODE as it does not seem possible to attach the Word document to an email as a PDF attachment, nor can you apparently attach other additional PDFs with the outgoing email when using MS Word's mail merge, besides the benefit of encrypting the PDF document with a password. How can we set up MS Word to work with PDF-eXPLODE? 



Microsoft Word® documents are text-based documents.  You can send different sections of a document to different people using PDF-eXPLODE which is a huge advantage of PDF-eXPLODE over MS Word's mail merge.  All of the pages associated with the same e-mail address will be combined into a single PDF file.  The best way to insert a PDF-eXPLODE tag into a Word document is to type it directly into the page header.  Only pages that begin with a PDF-eXPLODE tag will be included in a PDF file depending on your " Exploding Method " set up in the PDF-eXPLODE backend " Options."

In the above instructions, we typed each Tag into the Word document Header by selecting a particular Page and manually typing the text as shown in the example above into the header. If each Tag has to send a selection of contiguous pages (aka “running pages”) and you have many different Tags, it would be more convenient to REMOVE the Tag from the Header and move  it to a blank line in the Detail Body of the Word text , and type the Tag text on page ONLY WHEN the tag text must change. The document has 25 Pages.


For example :  

 Let's say we want Pages 1 – 8 to go to mail@3000ad.com.au

                             Pages 9 – 14, Page 24-25   to go to  jax_marockue@kmart.com  

                             Pages 15 – 23 to go to support@3000ad.com.au


Change the EXPLODING METHOD in PDF-eXPLODE Options as shown here from Mail Settings



Save/Print the Word Document to PDFeXPLODE printer and it will email 3 PDFs as configured.



 If you wish to use an XLS/XLSX file  which contains Customer data like Name/Address/Contact/Email to “FEED” data to the document  – aka ‘Data-Mail Merging’, then  follows these instructions.

  We will modify the way this Word document processes by making it part of a Data Merge process.    

  1. Open your Word document
  2. Click on the MAILINGS tab and then on Select Recipients to select Use Existing List.
  3. Select an XLS/XLSX file containing column headers in the first row and 2++ rows down the data under each column – One column must be an Email address – Make sure the column is headed “Email”
  4. Now open the Word document Header by double clicking in the Page header space.
  5. Next we type into the header <pdfexplode>  </pdfexplode>  with two spaces between the right and left < pdfexplode> identifiers
  6. Insert the cursor between the Identifiers and click on Insert Merge Field button to drop down a list of column headers – click on Email  to insert text like :   «Email» .
  7. So now the Header text (aka “PDF-eXPLODE Tag”) looks like this : <pdfexplode> «Email»</pdfexplode> and remove any blank spaces
  8. Make the header text font ARIAL/ 8 PITCH. We leave it black.
  9. Now click on PREVIEW RESULTS and verify that pages 1 – 5 each have one record row of the XLS and the email address is showing. If all OK, then change font color to WHITE
  10. Click on FINISH & MERGE ( to a new document). Scroll through the new document pages and pick a few headers, change font to Black, check, then change back to WHITE font.
  11. If happy with resultant merged document, then click FILE/PRINT and print to PDFeXPLODE printer to deliver\




   PREVIEW TAG – Click these     buttons to scroll through records in the spreadsheet





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