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How can I get the Notification bubble to appear in my system tray when I print to the PDFeXPLODE printer or any other printer


 I would like to get a notification when my workstation PDFeXPLODE printer processes the Print output and sends it to the server for processing. How can I do this?

This is what I would like to appear in the system tray.




 Follow these step by step instructions. You can either remove or update Printer notifications using these instructions.


  1. Go to  Start > Control Panel  >  Hardware and Sound  and select   " View devices and Printers " with a left mouse click.


  1. Devices and Printers  Panel displays (Windows 7).




  1. Left click (once) on PDFeXPLODE printer (or any printer of your choice) The Print  server properties  option will display on the toolbar below the “File   Edit  View…” menu


  1. Left click on the " Print server properties " option in the menu bar that appears at the top. This will open and display a Printer properties screen








  1. Now click on the ‘Advanced’ tab to open the screen . Then check both boxes as indicated to implement 'Printer notifications' or uncheck both boxes to remove 'Printer notifications'.


  1. Click APPLY to make changes and then click OK to exit and save your selection







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