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How can I explode and email my "tagged" PDF which was generated using another PDF creator?


Sometimes the PDF generated by PDF-eXPLODE may have font formatting issues. This makes it impossible for the PDF-eXPLODE exploding engine to read this Master PDF and explode it. What is the syntax for running this process and exploding and emailing from PDF-eXPLODE?


PDF-eXPLODE allows you to use a third party PDF creator as long as 

  •   tags are embedded in the PDF and 
  •   PDF version is less than 1.4 (Acrobat 5.x)

This process shown below is referred to as "Command Line processing". Running PDF-eXPLODE from a command line can be used to accomplish such applications as:

  • Using Window Task Scheduler to automate the execution of PDF-eXPLODE
  • Exploding an existing PDF created by another application.  For example:
  • Some applications (e.g. SQL Server™ Reporting Services) print an image rather than text which makes the PDF-eXPLODE tags unreadable. So, instead of printing to PDF-eXPLODE you need to export to PDF and then explode the PDF.
  • Some applications produce smaller PDF files so it may be advantageous to create the PDF using software other than PDF-eXPLODE
Command Line format

Create a shortcut with the command showing as:
"Program Path" -PRINTFILE"master PDF path"

For example:


Note that there is no space between -PRINTFILE and the name of the PDF. When you run the shortcut, PDF-eXPLODE will start up and immediately start exploding, skipping the PDF creation stage as a Master PDF already exists. This method is quicker than the End to End process.

Alternatively, you can apply this solution too. [Applies to V3.3.9.98/99 + and V4.0+]

There is no need to create a shortcut with this solution. When the PDF is created, drag and drop the newly created PDF onto an open PDF-eXPLODE printer queue window. This action will commence processing exactly like the command line. This method is a preferred method of processing but can't be used with Windows Task scheduler.


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