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Can I print an Exploded PDF on its own and then email it with a coversheet PDF embedded in the back of the exploded PDF?


 I am printing delivery notes from one Crystal report. I am adding instructions pdf as a cover sheet at the back of the delivery note. We need to physically print the delivery note only, but send via email a copy of the delivery note AND the cover sheet. Currently I can either print everything or email everything or both, but I cannot print the exploded Delivery note on its own before emailing it with the coversheet. Can this requirement be achieved?



The issue you brought up is complicated but can be resolved; albeit, the solution is by way of a workaround.

First let's look at why your exploded PDF with the instructions (coversheet) PDF is not working the way you would like. When you select FRONT or BACK in Coversheet, the “combine” process is done well before the actual emailing step. The Print ALSO on the other hand is done at the time of emailing (just before),  at which time the exploded PDF ("DeliveryNote.PDF") now contains the coversheet ("Instructions.PDF") and has multiple pages. When PDF-eXPLODE 'calls' the ' Print ALSO ' command just before the email is sent, it uses “Print all PDF pages” as a default call. This default cannot currently be changed to print a selected range of pages. Besides there  is no way of identifying the number of pages in the PDF that are exclusively from the exploded report, once the combine process has occurred within PDF-eXPLODE; so selecting a print range (if one existed in the program) would make it difficult and the resultant Print would most likely be wrong.  Furthermore, your request is an isolated one and it would be unlikely that all of your other reports share this requirement; equally unlikely that this feature would be a requirement across most users. Hence the need for either a custom (chargeable) solution should you wish one or a workaround which will do what you require at no cost to you.


How to work around this requirement :  

  • make the coversheet a SEPARATE and it will work where the exploded PDF (aka Delivery note) will print on its own; however it will email along with the coversheet (instructions.pdf).
  • set your Message ID to the ( Print) ALSO  setting as shown below.







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