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PDF-eXPLODE is not splitting nor emailing any PDFs


 I click Print in my accounting report and I see the report output prepared by Windows. Sometimes nothing happens; other times, I see PDF-exPLODE start creating a PDF but nothing further happens. The program closes with no exploded PDFs or no emails. What is wrong?



 If PDF-eXPLODE is not splitting (aka exploding) the master PDF the issues generally are: 


1.   PDF-eXPLODE does not start after clicking PRINT to PDFeXPLODE printer  : ( log information for these issues are contained in PDFeXPLODESPL.LOG (v1-3)  or  PEXSPOOLER.LOG (v4))

  1. The license was not accepted and hence PDF-eXPLODE was not launched to process : you will see this in the pdfexplodespl.log  or  PeXSpooler.log . For instance, if you have a Desktop license on your PC and make a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to your PC to process PDF-eXPLODE, the License verification process will interpret that connection to your PC as Terminal Server, and given you have a Desktop License, it will not launch PDF-eXPLODE for processing the report output and the program will terminate.  If this method of connecting to your PC is normal or regular, you would be advised to upgrade to a 1-User Terminal Server license.
  2. If UAC is turned on and the PDF-eXPLODE.EXE has been configured to run as administrator, then it is possible that the launching of PDF-eXPLODE for processing the report output by PDFeXPLODESPL.EXE (our print spooler in Windows\System32 folder) will be blocked and the program will terminate. To remedy this issue, remove any Administrator permissions from the PDF-eXPLODE.exe.  The pdfexplodespl.log will show lines similar to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Launching PeX for desktop

    Line [547], Token does not have the privilege. 

    AdjustTokenPrivileges() failed with error 1300: Not all privileges or groups referenced are assigned to the caller.

    Line [576], CreateProcessAsUser failed, error code=740

    CreateProcessAsUser() failed with error 740: The requested operation requires elevation.

     Returning from LaunchApp - 598  

  3. Previous incomplete jobs can cause an issue and prevent new jobs from processing. You will need to clear any non-processed jobs sitting in the printer queue. It is also likely that these old job files are likely to re-commence processing if PDF-eXPLODE is opened for any reason. To clear the old jobs in the queue, please go to   C:\TEMP\PDFeXPLODE\%User% (each User who sent report data ) and delete any old files with this format ~PS999.TMP ('999' can be any alphanumeric characters). Next review the [INSTALLED FOLDER]\TEMP\%USER% for any ~PD999.TMP. Take note of the date and time stamp on the files to determine if they are current or old/obsolete jobs.   


2.   PDF-eXPLODE processing ends abruptly without exploding (log information for these issues are contained in PDF-eXPLODE.LOG )

  1. If the fonts of the Tag are not Arial or the size is too small (i.e. <7), then the report may not explode. You can verify this by searching for a line in the top half of the log that says "Total No of files that have to be generated = 0" :  fix the font and pitch size in the report design
  2. If the PDF report content or PDF page tag fonts in the Tag may be garbled in the Master PDF, then PDF-eXPLODE may not be able to read the tags resulting in no exploded PDFs. Check the pdfexplode.log to establish whether this line show as " Total No of files that have to be generated = 0". This means no exploded files were created.   The fonts may have been OK on a previous day's run; this can be caused by Windows updates :   the fonts need configuration ; read this   When a User prints to the PDFeXPLODE Printer, the PDF document fonts appear garbled .  
  3. It is possible however that the text in the document and the Tag are perfectly legible. However on some occasion, the output created by Windows and passed to PDF-eXPLODE for processing may cause the PDF conversion to produce the PDF as an "image". Hard to believe - but true. To verify this, open the Master PDF in Adobe reader and click on  EDIT menu and the menu item SELECT ALL. This item will select ANY text in the document including invisible text. However, you may notice that some words and single characters are only selected and the most of the main document is unselected. Furthermore the Tag is not selected (it will normally be a blank selected  line). If the invisible Tag line is not selected it may not exist in the document or is an image and images can't be exploded. If configuring the fonts does not fix the issue, then contact support@3000ad.com.au  if you have a valid support plan.  
  4. The master PDF did not get produced; it may have been open and the current process could not overwrite the PDF when creating a new one. It will write an error #70 – “Permissions Denied” into the log OR if the file was Read Only or there were no write/modify permissions to the folder for the current User, then no Master can be created and therefore the process stopped. Close the master PDF-eXPLODE.PDF to remedy this issue OR create appropriate folder permissions where the master is created. You can review this article:  I have intermittent problems running PDF-eXPLODE. How do I configure PDF-eXPLODE for problem free processing?  
  5. If there is some error in the page Tags, then you would see the error in PDF-eXPLODE.log and the following line would also appear Total No of files that have to be generated = 0. Errors in the tag are generally where the Start node <pdfexplode> is not balanced with the end node </pdfexplode> or the tag has split over two lines and the end node of the tag is not found on the same line as the start node of the tag. In versions 1/2/3, where an error occurs in any page tag, this error is regarded as fatal and no exploding occurs and the program terminates immediately. See the pdf-explode.log for details.. In version 4, only that page is omitted from the exploding, so it is essential to ensure that no tag errors have occurred and you can then be sure that all tagged pages were exploded.
  6. If the tag contains any illegal characters like < > : " / \ | ? * then this page tag will not be exploded (in V4 or the processing  terminated if a prior version).  The reason is that the full tag value (excluding the front and back <pdfexplode> nodes) are used to create a temporary PDF filename and Windows does not permit those characters in a filename.
  7. The most common problem to why your master PDF does not produce any exploded PDFs (and consequently no emails will be sent) is due to lack of proper configuration of the PDFeXPLODE printer on Default Printer Settings button (under the Advanced tab). Please see the attached PDF on how to configure the PDFeXPLODE for guidance.


3.     Email Test Connection Works But No Email Received When Processing  

When the Test 'Email Connection' works and the emailing fails at run time, it suggests that a process prior to emailing has not worked. To find out, look at the log ( pdfexplode.log ).  When you print to the PDFeXPLODE printer, the software: 

  1. creates a single “master PDF” of your multiple page report
  2. then if the hidden tag is readable, it will proceed to ‘explode’ or split the master
  3. then it applies the configuration rules to the exploded PDFs (like name/archive/get the email content ready, etc.
  4. finally it emails

Generally the failure occurs in step #2, so it follows no emails in step #4 will occur. Review the process log (pdfexplode.log) under sub-folder LOGS\%USERID for a line like this in the 'exploding' process:   Total No of files that have to be generated = 0  and this line further in the processing:  Mail to send - count  0  in PDF-eXPLODE V4


4.   PDF-eXPLODE does not email any PDFs   (log information for these issues are contained in PDF-eXPLODE.LOG )

  1. If you are attempting to process without having tested your email configuration settings, then chances are your email sending may fail. To remedy this, open PDF-eXPLODE from the desktop shortcut. Then click on the PRINTER menu, select Options. When the Options screen opens, go to the Mail Settings menu and click on the link to open the Email Connection Settings tab on the right window. If you have selected Use PDF-eXPLODE (SMTP ),  then try the Test Connection button and verify that you receive the test email sent to the "Sender" email address. Now also test this connection using an external domain email address (other than the company one) to ensure you can send to internal and external email addresses.
  2. If you are getting email sending errors, we recommend you open the PDF-eXPLODE options screen, then select Logging and Utilities, now check the box on the right : Log details of SMTP e-mails sent  to provide a detail of the complete email sending process. This log is embedded in the PDf-eXPLODE.LOG and will show a reason for email failure. Do not use this log if there are no issues with SMTP emailing as it adds hundreds of log lines for each email sent.
  3. If Use Microsoft Outlook (MAPI)  has been selected, then you will have to test this using a notepad document and insert the tag with your email address and then PRINT that test document to PDFeXPLODE printer. It should process into a PDF and try to email that PDF back to yourself using MS Outlook. Depending on your organization's security, you may get a security message from MS Outlook which you need to respond to before any processing will occur. See this image that will appear:


    Or this one :



The reason for these constant MS Outlook warning messages ( "A program is trying to send an e-mail message..." ) that interrupt your PDF-eXPLODE processing ,is because there is no 'Valid' Anti-Virus software linked to MS Outlook. To determine if your MS Outlook Anti-Virus setting is 'Valid', please do the following:

  • Click on FILE/Options menu in MS Outlook to open the Options screen.
  • Click on the Trust Center menu item as shown here.

  •  When the new window opens, select Programmatic Access in the menu to display the Anti-Virus setting on the right hand window  


MS Outlook must be open or minimized for processing to occur.

If your Anti-Virus shows as 'Invalid', you can purchase a tool that should assist you in automatically "Allow" the emails through. You can read about it and purchase this tool (if you wish) here:   https://www.contextmagic.com/express-clickyes/   



3000AD SYSTEMS is not an agent for Context Magic, nor does it receive any form of commission or privileges or financial benefits from your purchase. Purchase of this tool is strictly at your own discretion. 3000AD SYSTEMS does NOT provide any support for this tool. 


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