How can I view the PDFeXPLODE configuration for another User on my PC?

Here is a tip which can assist you in viewing any User or Client (if you an external support organisation) PDFeXPLODE INI on your PC  

  1. Make a folder with a one word name for the User or Client under INIs sub-folder: example “3000AD” path- [installed folder]\INIs\3000AD
  2. Place the pdfexplode.ini, received from the client in this sub-folder
  3. Right click on PDF-eXPLODE.exe and select “Create Shortcut” from the menu.
  4. Rename this shortcut to PDF-eXPLODE_Client_3000AD (for example)
  5. Right click on shortcut and select PROPERTIES
  6. Edit the TARGET to be [installed folder]\PDF-eXPLODE.exe –CONFIGURE”3000AD”   (one space after EXE, + “-“ + ‘CONFIGURE’ + sub-folder name within double quotes without any spaces )
  7. Open the shortcut and on the main menu caption bar it will show “User – 3000AD” 










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