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When a User prints to the Printer Server from Windows 7 workstation, the PDF document is garbled.(missing characters, weird font, large space gaps)


When a Workstation User prints to the Printer Server, the PDF document is garbled - strange looking or missing characters, large white spaces between tag values, weird font.   This problem can occur randomly at some and not other workstations within the Print Server group of PDF-eXPLODE PC's. This issue is more common to workstation output sent to a Print server. However it can also occur in a single user Desktop version.


Please ensure that the report Tag is configured with Font ARIAL/ Pitch 7 or greater. 

Configure the Server and Workstation’s PDFeXPLODE shared printer as follows: 

Test the printer at the server by right clicking on the Printers and Devices on the server, then select Printer Properties. Now on the General tab, click the 'Print Test Page' button. and check the PDF under C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\PDF-EXPLODE\PDFS. If it is garbage then configure Server PDFeXPLODE printer as below.

 At the workstation, open the shared PDFeXPLODE printer by right clicking on the Printers and Devices on the server, then select Printer Properties. On the General tab click Print Test Page. You should then go to the server and check the PDF under C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\PDF-EXPLODE\PDFS or C:\PDF-EXPLODE\PDFS (Version 4+ default install folder). The PDF output will give the workstation ID and the Printer configuration details.  Check if the PDF is readable. If not do the following at the workstation:

 On the General tab, click the Preferences button and then on the Preferences screen, click the Advanced button. Then adjust as follows:

  • Paper/Output Paper Size: make sure this is set to either A4 or letter as desired.      
  • Graphic

TrueType Font to “Download as Softfont” and

  • PostScript Options

                         TrueType Font Download Option to “Outline”.  
                         Postscript language must be set to 2 (and not 1 or 3 that may appear in the field)

When you are done editing, click OK and then Apply on the Preferences screen to return to Printer Properties. 
Now you should currently be on the Printer Properties screen. Click the ADVANCED tab. Now click on Printing Defaults,  if this button is available to you.  Security settings on your network may prevent you from accessing this button. If the button is disabled, approach your IT department to configure this section for you, as it then needs Admin permissions.  When the screen opens (looks the same as the screen above). configure True Type Font to Download As Softfont.
Now configure the settings for True Type Font, True Type Font Download option, and Postscript Language Level (should be '2'). Click OK to Exit.
If the problem occurs in a Print Server license environment, then every workstation and Server PDFeXPLODE printer must be configured as shown above. In Terminal Server, Desktop or Report Server, only the sole installed Printer needs configuration.
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