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I am evaluating the software and get an error "Illegal Call" when the program is about to explode so effectively the program is not working at all. What can I do?


 When running PDF-eXPLODE, the User will get an error showing in the log of "Illegal Call" when exploding the PDF.  This shows as follows in the log:


Starting Exploding engine.

Removing forbidden characters from tag.
Exploding document...
Illegal Call

Exiting Exploding engine.

Nothing gets produced and there are no exploded PDFs, no emails. What can I do? 




The problem generally relates to a non-unicode non Roman script language (for example Chinese) is set as Current System Locale in Control Panel/ Region and Language Settings / Administrative tabs. This results in the creation of a master PDF by PDF-eXPLODE but no exploding of the master occurs as a result of the error "Illegal Call" and consequently no emails are sent. Here are the current setting images























This error generally only occurs while evaluating PDF-eXPLODE and not a licensed product. To resolve the issue, change the Current System Locale to English or any other Roman scripted language you understand, then run PDF-eXPLODE tests to establish that  the problem is fixed. See the image below:









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