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Each of my emails sent by PDF-eXPLODE via MS Outlook appear either locked or corrupted and I cannot seem to open or send them

I have configured MS Outlook for sending email from PDF-eXPLODE. Each email I try to send via MS Outlook appear in the 'Outbox' but do not get transmitted. When I try to open them to send, I get the error message "Cannot open this item". What can I do to resolve this issue as none of my emails from PDf-eXPLODE via MS Outlook are being sent out. 


MS Outlook displays the following error when you double click the email message sitting unsent in the Outbox:

 This error occurs when some corruption has occurred in MS Outlook. It generally affects emails received from third party software (like PDF-eXPLODE) to be sent via Outlook. The unsent email appears to be corrupted and hence the above message, preventing it from being sent. The error is generally caused by the existence of Anti-Virus software as an email 'Add-In'.  We therefore recommend you remove this Anti virus add-in and then run the MS Outlook setup again but this time select 'Repair'. Once Repair has been run after the antivirus add-is removed, the problem should be fixed.
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